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Damage cause of fire brick for pizza oven

Aug. 05, 2016

Fire brick for pizza oven’s damage caused by many factors, can be summarized as follows.

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The application of high temperature ceramic wool blanket in furnace 4

Aug. 05, 2016

All-fiber furnace means that the furnace wall are made of high temperature ceramic wool blanket.

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CCEWOOL fire brick of Canada customer is delivered

Aug. 03, 2016

CCEWOOL fire brick, ceramic fiber blanket and ceramic fiber paper of Cananda customer are delivered

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The compressive strength of refractory brick

Jul. 29, 2016

Compressive strength of fire brick includes normal temperature compressive strength and high temperature compressive strength.

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Definition of refractory brick's compressive strength

Jul. 28, 2016

Refractory brick’s compressive strength refers to the max pressure the material’s per unit area can withstand under the above the 1000-1200C high temperature.

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CCEWOOL View - The application of ceramic fiber in furnace 3

Jul. 27, 2016

The application of Ceramic fiber in furnace.

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