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Masonry and characteristic of clay fire bricks in glass furnace

Dec. 12, 2016

Clay fire brick are refractory products made from refractory clay. Widely used in industry. Normally clay fire brick is divided into regular fire clay bricks, clinker fire clay bricks, whole raw fire clay bricks and high silica fire clay bricks.

Clay fire brick is acidic refractory material; with the increase of AI2O3 content in bricks, its acidity is gradually weakened. Its thermal conductivity is the lowest of all refractories. Its refractoriness, although as high as 1700 ℃, but the refractoriness under load temperature is only 1300 ℃, which is the biggest defect of fireclay refractory bricks, so under the condition of high temperature,fireclay bricks cannot withstand the weight and pressure. When it is subject to a lot of R2O (usually K2O and Na2O) corrosion, the refractoriness under load temperature is further reduced to about 1050 ℃; it can only be used in the lower part of the pool wall or bottom where temperature is relatively lower.

The thermal expansion ratio of fire clay refractory bricks is the least of the commonly used refractory materials, because the fire clay refractory bricks crystal is small, small pores and spread evenly, so that the stress is relatively simple to be buffered, so the thermal shock resistance is strong in a larger scale. Lower temperature where the lower part of the regenerator chamber Check the brick, flue and daily glass furnace near the furnace refractory accessories such as punch, bowl that require good thermal shock resistance can fully play its role.

There are a lot of methods to produce clay fire brick, craft molding, ramming molding, extrusion molding, molding and pressure molding machine mud pressure molding. Different molding methods, the natures of finished products are very different. Even if the chemical composition and raw materials are identical, different forming method will lead the different nature of the bricks. According to the different operational parts to select different molding method. Regenerator checker brick, refractory brick for small scale, high pressure press molding product is the best. For the large pool wall bricks, large trough brick that using vacuum exhaust mud forging method is the best. The ramming method is better for the clay fire brick with the high requirement of sizes.

CCEWOOL clay fire brick have 40 years production experience. Manufactured according to ASTM & JIS standards. According to different applications and industry sectors to provide a full range of fire-resistant insulation materials and solutions.

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