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CCEWOOL ecological fiber blanket of Turkish customer is delivered

Dec. 05, 2016

Turkish customer customized the CCEWOOL ecological fiber blanket in size 3600*610*50mm, has been departure from factory November 26th 2016 on time.

CCEWOOL ecological fiber blanket in this order is packed in woven bags, which is belonging to the soluble series of ceramic fiber blanket. CCEWOOL ecological fiber blanket comes from self owned raw material base, material inspection before entering factory, computer-controlled ingredient proportion system, strictly control raw material purity, therefore, shot content of ceramic fiber blanket is only 12%, shot content is 5% lower than similar products.

According to the customer requirements, using the self-adhesive label that showing all product information on every woven bag, which greatly increased the difficulty and lower the speed of loading the cabinet, but the workers without any complaints, carefully labeled on each package.

In the process of loading the goods, workers neatly placed to ensure the maximum use of containers. The above picture is showing that workers are loading the blankets.

All containers with CCEWOOL ecological fiber blanket is expected to arrive the port around December 30th, please be ready to pick up the goods.

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