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CCEWOOL Calcium Silicate Board for Insulation used in Glass Furnace

Dec. 07, 2016

The improvement of energy saving level of Glass kiln is largely depending on the continuous improvement of material properties. Because Calcium silicate board thermal conductivity is low and the proportion is small, therefore Calcium silicate board is a thermal insulation material, which has been widely used in glass furnace. CCEWOOL Calcium Silicate Board for Insulation overcomes the shortcomings of low strength and fragile those previous calcium silicate boards had, and expand product application range. Compared with other products of the same performance, greatly reducing the investment cost, and received a good energy saving effect.

The material with the lower thermal conductivity is important in terms of good effect of energy-saving insulation. Increasing the thickness of insulation simply cannot compare to the insulation effect of by using low thermal conductivity material. Some parts due to structural restrictions on the size increase, which cannot increase the thickness of insulation, such as the pool wall insulation, small furnace insulation, insulation and other materials track. In these parts, performance should be placed first when choosing the insulation materials.

1. Material track insulation

The traditional material, calcium silicate insulation board, has fragile shortcomings; generally only use a layer of steel shell. CCEWOOL insulation calcium silicate board can be used in multilayer

2. Tank wall insulation

Safety and energy saving should take into consideration in terms of tank wall insulation. Too thick will not only affect the furnace steel structure, but also affect the cooling nozzle installation, heat repair thermal protection is not convenient. The installation of a layer of clay brick + CCEWOOL insulation calcium silicate board, the effect is better than the composite insulation brick or clay insulation brick.

3. Small bottom hearth insulation

The distance from the ejection orifice to the liquid surface cannot be designed too large, and because the structure is limited so that the thickness of the small furnace bottom is extremely limited. Small bottom insulation materials should be selected low thermal conductivity, high strength, high temperature resistance products; CCEWOOL insulation calcium silicate boar is a good choice.

4. Tank bottom insulation

Because there is no high-strength calcium silicate board before, good tank bottom insulation, often using composite insulation brick made of calcium silicate board and clay shell. CCEWOOL insulation calcium silicate board can be directly layer on the bottom of the pond; get rid off the troubles of making bottom plate and the production of composite insulation brick, reducing the bottom thickness. Investment cost reduced by about 12%, energy saving about 4%.

5. Chest wall

Some kiln chest wall surface temperature is higher, paste a layer of calcium silicate board and then sealed insulation coating, effectively reduce the furnace heat loss, hot state can also be constructed, relatively simple and convenient.

6. Fire panels/plate

When the feeding mouth, heat feeding of the kiln is finished and furnace hot repaired, it can be used as fireproofing board. Is characterized by light, good strength.

We hope that the above information about Energy Saving Application of CCEWOOL Calcium Silicate Board for Insulation in Glass Furnace can bring some help to furnaces manufactures.

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