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Ceramic fiber insulating material has broad prospects for development

Mar. 16, 2016

Thermal & insulation and energy-saving issue gradually gains attention from international sustainable development. Ceramic fiber insulating material with characteristics of energy conservation, low energy consumption and low pollution will become the only way to international insulation field development.

People pay more and more attention to furnaces’ heat loss, some directly attach refractory ceramic fiber material to the original refractory lining in order to improve the thermal efficiency.But before the attachment we must mix obvious cracks and flaking parts on kiln lining . For continuous heating equipment such as ceramic tunnel kiln, which already has been used ceramic fiber insulating material for lining. According to some report, quick push board kiln and tunnel kiln all use ceramic fiber whose energy-saving effect is remarkable. Especially the high-temperature heating, such as kiln’s sintering temperature at 1538-1649 C , using ceramic fiber will get best energy-saving effect.

Currently, furnaces in Europe, America and Japan are all adopted ceramic fiber insulating materials as inner lining.Customers from Japan separate gas tunnel kiln into carriage structures. Kiln is manufactured separately then it will be delivered to the construction site, which is owning to CCEWOOL ceramic fiber insulating material. CCEWOOL greatly reduces the cost of the furnace and makes construction much easier.

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