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Brief introduction of the features and types of ceramic blankets 128

Mar. 25, 2016

Ceramic fiber blanket is widely used in various industries, such as chemical industry, construction industry, electronic industry, aerospace industry, military industry, air conditioning and refrigeration industry. The type of ceramic blanket 128 is the most regular specification.

1.The classification of CCEWOOL ceramic fiber blanket:

1)Production technology: it is divided into blowing and spun.

2)Raw materials and formulations: it is divided into 5 types: 1050Common (COM), 1260standard (STD),1260High-purity (HP), 1400high aluminum (HA), 1450high-zirconium (HZ).

2. The features of CCEWOOL ceramic fiber blanket

1)Light weight:

CCEWOOL ceramic fiber blanket is a kind of refractory material, type of ceramic fiber 128 is used most. It can help heating furnace achieve the effect of light weight and high efficiency. It can also reduce the loads of furnace and extend the service time of furnace.

2)Low heat capacity ( Low heat absorption and warming up fast):

The thermal capacity of CCEWOOL ceramic fiber blanket only account for 10% of light weight lining and light weight refractory brick. It greatly reduces the energy consumption and increases furnace energy saving effect , especially for intermittent heating furnace.

3)Low thermal conductivity (less heat loss):

The thermal conductivity of CCEWOOL ceramic fiber blanket is less than 0.06W/mk when its average temperature reach 200℃, which equals to 1/8 of unshaped refractory material and 1/10 of light weight brick. The type of ceramic blanket 128 have the lowest thermal conductivity among all kinds of ceramic fiber blanket. So the insulation effect of CCEWOOL ceramic fiber blanket is excellent.

4)With an extensive application field.

With the development of production technology and application, CCEWOOL ceramic fiber blanket has achieved serialization and functionalization. It can meet the temperature operating requirement from 600℃ to 1400℃ and the application requirement of various industry.

5)Mechanical shock resistance (has a flexible and resilient):

CCEWOOL ceramic fiber blanket is flexible, resilient and hard to damage.

6)Excellent sound insulation performance (reduce noise pollution):

CCEWOOL Ceramic fiber blanket can reduce the high noisy frequency which is less than 1000HZ , the sound waves which is less than 300HZ. And CCEWOOL ceramic fiber blanket’s sound insulation capacity is superior to conventional insulation materials which can significantly reduce noise pollution.

7.High automation control capability:

High heat-sensitive ceramic fiber blanket can adapt furnace automation control.

8.Chemical stability:

CCEWOOL ceramic fiber blanket is excellent in chemical stability. Except phosphoric acid, it won’t be decayed by acid, alkali and water, oil and steam.

Hope the above information about the types of ceramic blanket 128 is helpful for you.

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