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Double Egret News—Shaping Sunny Mind, Condensed career positive energy

Mar. 28, 2016

In order to ensure the first success of the brand conference battle “Thunder Spring”, the HR of Double Egret company organized a training called “Shaping Sunny Mind in the workplace”, which can guide the Double Egret people to focus on their own work with healthy attitude and positive work enthusiasm.

In the training class, Mr. Zhang who has more than ten years experience in enterprise management, using common cases in the life and work, aiming at the phenomenon of the lack of passion, negative thinking, unable to relieve pressure effectively and cannot manage their emotions very well. Letting Double Egret people feel the importance of having a professional attitude of sunny mind, vivid, interesting and persuasively compares the advantages and disadvantages of pain and happy work.

At the scene of the training, the Double Egret people involved in the interaction very actively under the guidance of Mr. Zhang, discussing about “Live in the moment is to live in process future oriented” “The most important thing is what you do now, the most important person is the people now together with you, the most important time is now” and “To eat vegetables with love is more fragrant than to eat beef with hate” such classic topics, very rewarding.

After the training, the Double Egret employees declared that they will try hard to shape a healthy sunny mind and to write a chapter without regret of their own career, at the same time, will make the CCEWOOL to be the “National Brand of China” in the field of world’s kilns heating insulation materials.

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