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What's the reason of price difference on refractory materials

May. 23, 2018

Sometimes customers think why the refractory materials look similar, why the price is so different, or why some refractory materials are broken in a short time, and similar refractory materials can be used for much longer time. Even if the cost is the same, the production process will greatly affect the life of the refractory materials. Remind refractory material purchasers must check the quality when purchasing the products, determine the strength and reputation of the company and beware of deception.

CCEWOOL is a professional refractory material manufacturer with strong strength, professional production equipment and advanced technology. CCEWOOL adheres to the principles of environmental protection, high quality and efficient production, and the factory ingredients use an overall programmed one-time batching method. This action avoids the error caused by manual batching and affects the quality of the product. In the selection of raw materials, the company has stringent quality requirements on the aluminum content of raw materials, PH value, etc. Due to the large batch ratio of materials, the error of raw materials is reduced and the product quality is guaranteed. Raw materials have been customized to ensure the stability of raw material quality. The same batch of refractory materials will not appear uneven.

Secondly, CCEWOOL has absolute strength and core competitiveness. The integration of design and construction avoids too many steps and unnecessary troubles for customers. At the same time, quality and stable refractory materials guarantee construction quality and follow-up services.

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