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Application of ceramic heat insulation blanket in pipe insulation

May. 21, 2018

There are many kinds of thermal insulation materials used in industrial high temperature equipment and pipeline thermal insulation engineering, and the construction methods vary with the materials.If we don’t pay enough attention to the details in the construction, not only will we waste materials, but also cause some damage to the equipment and pipelines.The correct construction method can half the work with double results.

Ceramic heat insulation blanket is also called aluminum silicate fiber blanket, because one of its main components is alumina, and alumina is the main component of porcelain, so it is called ceramic heat insulation blanket. Ceramic fiber blanket is divided into ceramic blown fiber blanket and ceramic spun fiber blanket. Because ceramic spun fiber blanket has longer fiber length and lower thermal conductivity and its insulation performance is better than ceramic blown fiber blanket. Most pipe insulation construction use ceramic spun fiber blanket.

Ceramic heat insulation blanket in pipe insulation construction.

Tools: Ruler, sharp knives, galvanized iron wire.


① Clean the surface of the pipe and the old insulation material and sundries.

② Cut the ceramic heat insulation blanket according to the pipe diameter.(Do not tear with your hands, use ruler and tool.)

③ Wrap the blanket around the outside of the pipe and close to the wall of the pipe. Notice the seam ≤5mm, keep smooth.

④ Tie galvanized iron wire (the binding distance ≤ 200mm), the wire shall not be spirally wrapped, the joint should not be too long, and the joint should be inserted into the blanket.

⑤ In multi-layer construction to achieve required thickness it is necessary to make the staggered seam, the filling seam should be guaranteed level.

The metal protective layer can be selected according to the actual situation, generally using glass fiber cloth, glass steel, galvanized iron sheet, linoleum, aluminum skin and so on. The ceramic heat insulation blanket should be wrapped tight and should be no gap and seam

In construction the ceramic heat insulation blanket should not be stepped, compressed and should be kept away from rain and water moisture.

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