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What is the key factors to influence the quality of insulating fire brick?

Apr. 15, 2016

 Insulating fire brick which has impurity will have a certain influence on its performance, so we should try to ensure the impurity of raw material while processing and manufacturing Mullite insulating fire brick . Especially for insulating fire brick, impurity will affect its chemical performance and the service time while using in furnace. But how does impurity influence the quality of insulating fire brick?

1. iron oxides

Ferrous oxide will penetrate into mullite solution, although it has a little effect on the melting point of mullite insulating fire brick, but will gradually stripped of impurities dyed dark, increasing the glass content, and reducing the fire-resistance.

2. Too much alkaline metal oxide will reduce the content of mullite, even serious damage mullite crystallization solution, meanwhile,it will produce more glass and influence the performance of mullite insulating fire brick.

3. Calcium oxide reduces light mullite crystallization effects, although little effect but need to pay more attention.

CCEWOOL mullite insulating fire birck has 40000m2 production base, is the largest manufacturer of insulation bricks in China, quality meet ASTM, JIS standard, and exported to more than 30 countries.

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