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CCEWOOL views: how to save energy for furnace

Apr. 14, 2016

Regardless of shuttle kiln, tunnel kiln, or the roller kiln, compared with the same type of furnaces, Why the performance reflected by factory has so big difference? Why the furnace made by different companies has 10-30% energy consumption differences? Why furnace’s inside temperature has so big differences? How to save energy for furnace? We can analyze it from the following two aspects:

(一)furnace design

1. Choice of refractory insulation material:heat insulation, light weight, high temperature resistance and long service life, the features above are the requirements of furnace refractory material selection. The heat insulation is large heat resistance ( heat conductivity is low), light weight is to reduce the heat storage. Now the excellent light heat insulation material is CCEWOOL mullite brick and CCEWOOL ceramic fiber.

2. High-efficiency burner for shuttle kiln, in the case of shuttle kiln, high-speed burner will increase the convection heat transfer effect. This is one of the reformation ideas of traditional furnace.

3. Feasible size, fast firing furnace’ length will be limited by flame velocity and intensity. The feasible size is 3.5-5m.

4. Automatic control on furnace is an effective protection to save energy for furnace. Automatic control method is to input the successfully operation into intelligent instrument and computer to process the automatic firing operation.

If the furnace has been built, it is necessary to carry out scientific operations in order to save energy for furnace. So how many measures we can adopt to improve the energy saving effect? Next week we will introduce them to you.

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