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The structure and refractory fiber of the trolley type furnace 2

Jan. 11, 2017

 Last week we talked about the structure of trolley type furnace chamber and its material used refractory fiber; here we are going to talk about the structure of trolley and rail, furnace door and flue in trolley type furnace.

2. Trolley and rail

The inlet and outlet of the work piece in trolley type furnace is realized by the traction of the trolley under the traction structure. The trolley furnace is composed of refractory masonry, trolley frame and running structure. The upper part of the refractory brick can withstand the high temperature and the load of the work piece. The frame should have good strength and rigidity in the effect of refractory masonry downward heat conduction, and the frame generally composed by frame welded steel beams and stringers; the cross beam is provided with steel plate and frame, which is convenient for refractory material masonry. Installed the sealing knife on both sides, to form a seal with furnace body during working. The walking/moving structure is mounted on the frame, with a roller, belt wheels; a walking/moving structure and a traction structure are closely related to the form. The trolley track is determined by the running/walking structure of the trolley. The wheel type trolley furnace is using single-track, and roller belt type trolley furnace is using double-track. The length of the track includes two parts, which are in the furnace and outside the furnace; track selection generally is heavy rail, rail installation generally on rail sleepers. The whole rail disturbs the inside of the furnace, two rails are placed in a sleeper, and rail and sleeper are fixed on the plates. Outside the furnace sleeper is divided into two sections, one section is a separate support rail; rail is generally welding in sleeper.

3. furnace door

The trolley type furnace door is relatively big, the door and the doorframe are made of heat resisting cast iron and manufactured by machinery processing, forming flat sealing surface. Door lining is using refractory fiber or light brick. When door is closed, the pressing mechanism smoothly pressed the door to the sealing surface. When the door opened, the door is pushed away from the sealing surface; the hoist will lift the door.

4. flue structure

The brick trolley type furnace flue arranged on both lower sides of the furnace wall, a plurality of flue gathered under the main furnace flue that form a T exhaust structure.

The position of the trolley type furnace flue used refractory fiber lining is not restricted to masonry, and lower smoke exhaust structure can be used, the upper exhaust flue structure of furnace wall or side wall and top part are the most use flue.

The information above is about the structure and material used refractory fiber of the trolley type furnace, and we hope it can bring some help to furnaces manufactures.

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