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Application of high alumina refractory brick in aluminum melting furnace

Jan. 16, 2017

 The primary aluminum ingot requires will put in use after melting and casting rolling. smelting generally use (gas or fuel) fixed or tilting reverberator furnace、 the resistance of reverberator furnace and induction crucible furnace. The different parts of the requirements of high alumina refractory brick are different.

Aluminum melting furnace lining equipment reverberator, when contact the aluminum liquid; generally use the Al2O3 content of 75%-80% high alumina refractory brick. When smelting high purity aluminum, using mullite refractory brick or corundum brick. Silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide refractory brick can be used in easily eroded and worn parts like Hearth slope and scrap aluminum material

In flow aluminum tank and aluminum outlet with serious erosion of aluminum solution, the self-bonding or silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide refractory brick are generally used. There are zircon refractory brick as furnace lining materials. Using vacuum casting refractory fiber as aluminum outlet blockage has the good effect.

The furnace lining does not contact the aluminum solution, generally using high alumina refractory brick, high alumina castable or plastic refractory. The insulation layer is using light brick, lightweight castable and refractory fiber products. Flow aluminum tank lining is generally using silicon carbide refractory brick; dissolving foam brick precast block is the alternative.

CCEWOOL can provide a full range of ceramic fiber products, can also provide the clay brick, high alumina refractory brick, mullite lightweight thermal insulation brick, providing energy-saving furnace according to different application sites and industry solutions. Hope it is helpful.

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