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The differences between 1430HZ ceramic fiber and HC ceramic fiber

Jul. 22, 2016

 CCEWOOL 1430HZ ceramic fiber and HC ceramic fiber all belong to the alumina silicate products added high temperature oxide(ZrO2, Cr2O3), It is beneficial to increasing viscosity of the glass phase, can resist the crystallization and crystal grain’s growing, anti-sintering effect on the felting contact, then the service temperature and the shrinkage to resist high temperature will be improved. But whether the production technology or usability, the CCEWOOL 1430HZ ceramic fiber is better than HC ceramic fiber.

The main difference between CCEWOOL 1430HZand HC ceramic fiber: firstly, the 1430 ceramic fiber general contains 15%--17% ZrO2, easy to be longer fiber with high strength. However the HC ceramic fiber has no eutectic melting point, the Cr2O3 content shouldn’t more than 5%, the lowest melting temperature of HC ceramic fiber is 1800C. This causes difficulties in the molten material, power consumption is large, fiber-forming difficult, the production of short fiber, fine fiber with low strength. Secondly, the HC ceramic fiber’s heating linear shrinkage is larger, bad volume stability under high temperature, meanwhile the Cr2O3 in fiber is highly volatile then produce the Cr6+  carcinogenic substances. This will cause problem of the environment pollution and human being health. But the 1430HZ ceramic fiber has better service performance and high temperature stability, won’t cause the problem like environmental pollution etc...

Through the comparison, you know that under the same temperature condition, the thermal insulation effect is basically same. Below the 1400C, the shrinkage is larger than 1430HZ ceramic fiber. The application technology specify that kinds ceramic fiber need can be used under the classification temperature, so the 1430HZ ceramic fiber is better than HC ceramic fiber.

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