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The common mistakes and analyze about insulation ceramic fiber blanket

Apr. 08, 2016

The common mistakes and analyze about CCEWOOL insulation ceramic fiber blanket:

1.Operating temperature:

The operating temperature of insulation ceramic fiber blanket is not only related to chemical composition but also the operating environment and fuel.

For example: in experimental resistance furnace, the same material can remain its max temperature 1260℃ constant under standard environmental condition, but its max temperature will reduce 100≈180℃ under high reducing atmosphere.

2.Chemical composition

In the applications of insulation ceramic fiber blanket, we often found its actual temperature doesn’t exceed the operating temperature, but it appears serious shrinkage and pesting phenomenon. Upon examination of chemical composition, Al2O3 meet product requirements, but SiO2 is low, and Fe2O3, CaO, MgO, Na2O, K2O and other impurities exceeded seriously. Such kind of impurities is low melting point oxides, excess low melting point oxides will decrease the melting point of insulation ceramic fiber blanket. If the impurities content more than 3.5%, insulation ceramic fiber blanket’s temperature will reduce near 100 ℃.

Therefore, we not only need to test Al2O3% but only control impurity content while selecting insulation ceramic fiber insulation blanket.

CCEWOOL insulation ceramic fiber blanket has self owned raw material base, material inspection before entering factory, computer-controlled ingredient proportion system, strictly control raw material purity, therefore, manufactured ceramic fiber blanket’s shot content is 12%, which is 5% lower than similar products. Thermal conductivity reaches 0.12W/m.k and thermal shrinkage is less than 2%.

We are the first factory which adopts inside needles flower craft. Tensile strength reaches 0.055MPa, which is 20% to 30% higher than others. CCEWOOL ceramic fiber blanket’s service life is 3 years, which is 20% longer than others. We able to manufacture ceramic fiber blanket’s width varies from 50mm to 1220mm, thickness varies from 6 to 60mm.

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