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The application of high temperature ceramic wool blanket in furnace 4

Aug. 05, 2016

All-fiber furnace means that the furnace wall are made of high temperature ceramic wool blanket.

Comparison from the heat storage capacity, fiber lining is only one-tenth to one-thirtieth of the brick lining, the weight is only about one-fifteenth of the brick lining. Significantly it reduce the weight and costs of construction of the furnace cost. The surface of furnace lining which using CCEWOOL sprayed ceramic fiber lining is smooth, good thermal insulation effect, air tightness, not easy to fall off, and build up more quickly. When we sue full ceramic fiber furnace, it will affect the results to some extent because of the high temperature combustion products and the role of the surface of the sintered lining material and crystallization.

Using CCEWOOL ceramic fiber modules or CCEWOOL high temperature ceramic wool blanket, or a combination of both as the structure of the lining can achieve good results. When use CCEWOOL ceramic fiber products, furnace insulation effect can be improved. This can effectively extend the service life.

The level of ceramic fiber production technology directly affects the effect of their products. CCEWOOL high temperature ceramic wool blanket is using international advanced technology -inner double needling process. The first domestic production technology, greatly improving the ceramic fiber tensile strength.

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