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Damage cause of fire brick for pizza oven

Aug. 05, 2016

Fire brick for pizza oven’s damage caused by many factors, can be summarized as follows.

(1)High temperature heat stress: the difference in temperature of fire brick for pizza oven wall inside and outside is big, produce great heat stress, that means that the fire brick inside receive a lot of compressive stress, outside received a lot of tensile stress. And the expansion force and the load force mainly concentrate on the inside of fire brick. Under the influence of these factors, the fire brick for pizza oven inside will crack firstly, then loosen and drop, even cause the top collapse.

(2)Chemical erosion: The atmosphere is mainly the Alkaline oxides, alkaline metal and silicate etc..., under the high temperature, it will act with the fire brick to produce the low melting point substance, then phase transition happens, this making the fire brick structure will be damaged, the high temperature performance like compressive strength will be degraded.

(3)Mechanical erosion and wear: mainly means the high temperature gas strong impact and abrasion on the surface of the brick lining.

(4)Effect of creep deformation: now it is considered as the main reason for the damage of fire brick for pizza oven.

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