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CCEWOOL fire brick of Canada customer is delivered

Aug. 03, 2016

CCEWOOL Canada customer places order to us. This order includes CCEWOOL fire brick, CCEWOOL 1260STD ceramic fiber blanket with 25mm and 12.5mm thickness and CCEWOOL 6mm ceramic fiber paper.

Quality wins the market, service warms customer. After payment, our staff expertly place orders to production workshop according to the standard process, giving accurate explanation on the quality requirement and delivery date. During production, our staff view production lines for many times, taking photos on the details in the process of production. Then we update the photos to the customer. Attentive service wins customer’s high praise. Under the joint efforts of everyone, the order in high quality and high standard is completed on time.

Ten years, CCEWOOL fire brick and CCEWOOL ceramic fiber products provider gradually transform to heat preservation and energy saving solutions provider in the field of global industrial kiln. CCEWOOL brand also wins favor from global customers. Double Egret people will never forget the beginner's mind: to become "Chinese national brand" on the international stage, maintaining CCEWOOL the first brand of industry leader in furnace insulation energy saving solutions.

July 21th, 2016, the container includes CCEWOOL fire brick and CCEWOOL ceramic fiber products are delivered on time. The goods is expected to arrive at port on August 21th, please be ready to pick up.

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