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Study on performance differences between rock wool and slag wool (3)

Jul. 07, 2016

Basalt rock wool and slag wool are collectively referred to mineral wool, there are still some differences can’t be ignored. The main cause of these differences is the different raw material.

4. The difference between rock wool board and slag wool board’ corrosion resistance

One of the blast furnace’s main role in melting process is desulfurization, to avoid occuring the sweep brittle phenomenon. This S which was removed remain in the blast furnace slag in the form of CaS, then get into the slag wool. The content is about 5%. When the slag wool is used in the wet environment, the CaS will be decomposed into into Ca(OH)2 and H2S:Ca(OH)2, making the water alkaline. And the water resistance performance of slag wool will degrade. H2S gas can be dissolved in water to produce hydrogen sulfate, will corrode it when in contact with the metal. CCEWOOL basalt rock wool is based on the basalt or dibase as main raw material, not exist more S sources except tracing S by coke in smelting process.

5. Comprehensive comparisonbetween CCEWOOL basalt rock wool and slag wool board

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