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Smog warning . CCEWOOL's opportunity comes

Dec. 11, 2017

  Recently, smog weather covers large areas of northern cities. From the central to the local, the meteorological department and environmental protection departments have continuously issued fog and smog alerts. Although it is cold early winter now, facing the smog that covers the sky, “ when the cold wind can come” becomes the most discussed issue among people.

During the smog warning period, the environmental protection department, urban management department and quality supervision department of each city will inspect boilers, auto repair, construction sites, industrial enterprises together during day and night. If any behavior of air pollution is detected, the company will be strictly punished according to environmental protection law. Environmental protection department also encourage citizens to report the illegal construction site that is still working.

At present the production site is busy. In order to guarantee delivery time, CCEWOOL workers worked overtime. CCEWOOL will guarantee the product quality while finish orders in shortest time.

Ceramic fiber whole series products, rock wool whole series products, insulation bricks full series products, fire-resistant brick whole series products under CCEWOOL brand are all in normal supply. Please contact us if you have any requirement.

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