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Refractory material for cement kiln

May. 16, 2018

Refractory materials for cement kiln are multi-variety materials, which should be used in combination. There are mainly the following categories:

1. Basic refractories. Basic refractory materials are mainly Magnesium chrome bricks, magnesium bricks, spinel bricks, dolomite bricks, etc. Magnesium chrome bricks are divided into ordinary magnesium chrome bricks, indirect combination of magnesium chrome bricks, semi-direct combination of magnesium chrome bricks.

2. Aluminum silicon refractories. Aluminum-silicon refractories for cement kiln, in addition to general clay bricks, blast furnace bricks, there are special requirements. Mainly due to changes in wear, alkali resistance and temperature resistance, a series of special high-alumina bricks have been developed for this purpose, such as phosphate-bonded high-alumina bricks, phosphate-bonded high-alumina wear-resistant bricks, anti-stripping high-alumina bricks, and resistance Alkali semi-acid clay brick etc.

3. Insulation refractory. Mainly include calcium silicate board and lightweight insulation brick.

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