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How to choose fused zirconia corundum brick for glass furnace

May. 11, 2016

 Fused zirconia corundum brick, also name cast tiles, it is generally used as glass furnace’s wall. What are the demands when choose the fused zirconia corundum brick?

Generally for soda-lime-silica glass, rear uppermost in the middle of the molten pool should use good corrosion resistance fused zirconia corundum brick. When using electric boosting and bubbling, bubbling electrode insertion tube will get into the brick and tile due to serious erosion, and electrode brick requires good insulation, normally using higher level of fused zirconia corundum bricks.

Refractory material used in glass furnace: CCEWOOL glass furnace construction experts tell us, when choose the refractory material, we can consider the following two aspects. You can not use fused mullite brick below the fused brick for side wall. Because using electricity after boosting and bubbling technology fused brick for side wall will be subject to strong erosion. But without electricity fluxing technology and bubbling melting coloring glass, fused brick can be fused mullite bricks.

Considering from the horizontal direction: In the middle of the pool, the raw material inlet port most susceptible to damage. Secondly, the back of side wall is easy to be broken. Fused brick near to the hole’s Liquid stream is lesser damage. However, dual-chamber melting furnace, molten liquid flow hole near the pool there is a character wall, fused brick is also easily damaged.

Considering from top to bottom in the vertical direction, the upper layer of molten glass, due to the high temperatures, strong flow, intense chemical reaction, thus fused brick wall upper portion eroded severely. Especially in the vicinity of the liquid line gas, liquid and solid junction, and often have nitrate powder and water erosion, so this is the worst serious erosion part.

For other types of glass, such as those containing K2O, Li2O, MgO, BaO, PbO, A12O3, B2O3 glass, etc., with few exceptions, we can select fused brick as the above way. For one particular case, it was high silicon low alkali or alkali-free glass. For the melting furnace, mainly use fused quartz bricks and bricks with white foam together.

CCEWOOL- industrial leader furnace energy-saving solution . We can provide a variety of insulation bricks, such as DJM series, B series, corundum mullite brick, alumina the hollow ball.

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