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Factors influencing the properties of mullite lightweight insulation brick

May. 06, 2016

 Impurities has a certain impact on properties of refractories, so we should try to ensure the purity of raw material in the production process, especially for mullite lightweight insulation brick. The impurities will affect its chemical properties, thereby will affect the furnace service life. How the impurities affect the mullite lightweight insulation brick?

1.Iron oxides like Fe2O3, FeO can penetrate the solid solution of mullite, even though it won’t have big effect on the melting point of mullite, but it will dye the glass phase dark, increasing the glass phase content and reduce the fire - resistant performance of refractories.

2.Excessive alkali metal oxides can reduce the content of mullite, even destruct the crystallization of mullite, meanwhile more glass phase will be produces to affect the properties of mullite lightweight insulation brick.

3.CaO will slow down the crystallization process of mullite, although little effect, but still need to be noticed.

4.Small amount of MgO will produce impurities in Crystal, and the mullite phase will be reduced.

CCEWOOL mullite lightweight insulation brick strictly select raw material, import high purity mullite, control the impurities content. The mullite lightweight insulation brick comply to ASTM and JIS standard, hot sale among more than 30 countries, such as Germany, France and Italy etc...

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