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Construction method of CCEWOOL rock wool insulation board 3

Mar. 19, 2018

Last week we introduced part of construction method of CCEWOOL rock wool insulation board. This week we will continue to introduce construction method of CCEWOOL rock wool insulation board.

Surface layer construction shall meet the following requirements.

① After rock wool board insulation pavement is finished, we should cope with the plaster surface of board. Use stainless steel spatula to scrape the plaster mortar of entire surface (1 ~ 1.5 mm thick), and press the mortar into the surface of fiber of rock wool board.

② The plaster should be configured strictly according to the product instructions, and the adhesive should avoid direct sunlight and should be used up in 2h.

③ The surface layer is divided into two layers. First layer of plastering mortar is 2 ~ 3 mm thickness. Should use stainless steel serrated spatula plaster to scrape plaster first, then use the spatula to smooth surface, then press the glass fiber mesh cloth into the plaster while plaster is wet. Install anchors when the plaster is slightly dried and touchable. Use coating mortar to seal plastic disc anchor and its surrounding. When the first layer of plaster is slightly dried the construction of second layer of plaster can be started. The thickness is about 2mm. Smooth the surface and the surface layer must meet the design requirements.

④ The laying of the mesh should be smoothed and straightened, and the inside and outside angel must be kept square and vertical. The upper and lower sides of the mesh should be overlapped with each other, and the width of over lap should be no less than 100mm. The fiberglass mesh shall not be laid directly on the surface of the rock wool board insulation, and shall not be exposed, and shall not be overlapped dried.

⑤ Installation of rock wool board insulation anchor should according to design requirement. Use percussion drill or electric hammer to drill, drill hole depth should be greater than anchoring depth by 10 mm. When installation, hit or screw the anchor pin into the wall, the disc should be close to the first layer of mesh, and cover the disc and its surrounding with coating mortar in a timely manner.

Above is introduction of construction of rock wool board insulation hope this can bring help to furnace workers and builders.

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