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CCEWOOL view – The use of technology about Furnace refractory brick 3

Jul. 06, 2016

 The last two weeks we introduced the acceptance of steel and masonry , also pre-order and method or refractory brick. Here we continue to share the masonry about the order of masonry bricks.

(5) Masonry large masonry arch. Tire production arch, arch done by carrying settlement test and check the appropriate size, the large masonry arch toward the center from both sides simultaneously, and requires continuous operation. Large arch insulation layer construction will be started after the kiln were grilled.

(6) Masonry parapet, front wall, back wall and via flame space. Masonry parapet should be carefully examined in the bay. Refractory brick and masonry hooks must be taken to prevent the thoracic wall kiln dumping.

(7) Masonry flue chimney. Must be cleared at the kiln masonry debris, use a vacuum cleaner to suck the net . Furnace flue and chimney masonry, also cooperates with the metal heat exchanger, via other channels masonry chimney must be completed before the masonry.

(8) The method of sub-dry and wet masonry.

Dry sites: the bottom of the melting section and path, wall, brick flame space site linked to the melting unit and flue arch arch brick, masonry and fused passage roof tiles.

Wet sites: the melting portion of the side wall and arch top, flue, chimney and furnace insulation bricks, masonry used wet mortar should be formulated in accordance with the appropriate fire clay bricks used CCEWOOL timber.

CCEWOOL - The industrial leader in furnace energy-saving solutions, make furnace energy saving easier. We can supply furnace used refractories and insuolation material, such as CCEWOOL refractory bricks, insulation bricks and CCEWOOL ceramic fiber.

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