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CCEWOOL view – Several methods of extending glass furnace life

Jun. 01, 2016

 Glass furnace is a high temperature thermal equipment which is the main equipment in the glass industry .

In order to extend the life of the furnace and to reduce energy consumption in the furnace design, We should also be fully aware of not only the impact of both the production process and production process to the melting furnace capacity, quality glass , but also seriously affect the life of the furnace in addition to selecting a reasonable and rational use of the furnace structure refractory ( CCEWOOL fire bricks and CCEWOOL high alumina bricks ) , and insulation materials ( CCEWOOL ceramic fiber blanket , CCEWOOL ceramic fiber modules , CCEWOOL ceramic fiber , etc. ) . After years of practical experience ,we advise to extend the life of the glass furnace from the following aspects:

1. The production process should maintain an adequate, stable melting temperature of glass furnace to avoid more substantial temperature fluctuations.

2. Control the particle size distribution of mineral raw materials strictly in order to reduce the raw material powder for refractory erosion meticulous.

3. Control the iron content in the raw materials to be sure divisible iron impurities in the cullet.

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