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CCEWOOL view – Energy saving is an inevitable trend in the development of industrial furnace

May. 26, 2016

Industrial furnace is the key equipment for industrial heating, and it is widely used in the high temperature industry of national economy.

Industrial furnace is a major energy consuming equipment and its energy consumption accounts for 25% of the total energy consumption of the country, about 60% of the total energy consumption. In the process of industrial furnace energy-saving, in addition that the heat source transformation, modification of sintering process and combustion process modification and furnace structure transformation,the performance of refractory furnace and kiln refractory has a decisive influence on industrial furnace energy-saving effect.

There are many Industry of insulation insulation materials,refractory fiber (CCEWOOL ceramic fiber cotton), refractory castable (CCEWOOL castable), fireproof heat insulation thermal insulation coating, light-weight refractory brick (CCEWOOL clay brick, CCEWOOL high aluminum brick) and Al3O2 hollow spherical brick and magnesia brick and several furnace lining refractory heat insulating materials.

In order to cope with the severe challenges of the energy situation, energy saving and consumption reduction is the inevitable trend of the development of industrial furnace. Energy saving of industrial kiln is closely related to the technical progress of kiln lining refractory material, furnace technology design and construction. Kiln lining refractory materials in industrial furnace energy-saving effect is through a variety of kiln lining refractory and heat insulation heat preservation material combination, the use of refractory and heat-insulating integrated light refractory materials as structure material of the kiln, the kiln body to reduce heat loss to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

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