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CCEWOOL View – analysis of car bottom furnace shell's structure

Apr. 27, 2016

 The whole ceramic fiber car bottom furnace shell’s structure is made of steel plate and steel, the bottom of the furnace and the light rail vehicle are contacted together, without any foundation installation, and just need to put it on a flat concrete floor.

The car bottom furnace lining can use all ceramic fiber structure; it will save 60% energy compared with brick structure. Using high-quality CCEWOOL Ceramic fiber blanket as raw material and special equipment to make ceramic fiber module according to the furnace, keeping a certain compression amount in order to ensure CCEWOOL ceramic fiber modules are expanded in difference directions. As there are no gaps among ceramic fiber module, it achieves good heat storage effect. Also it is convenient for construction, and they can be mounted on a stainless steel furnace shell plate’s anchor nailed. Compared to the other insulation material, CCEWOOL ceramic fiber module has low thermal conductivity, low heat characteristic of ceramic fiber.

The car bottom furnace’s heating element structure uses high temperature resistance alloy wire which wound into a spiral ribbon. It is always hung in the side of the furnace, the door, the back wall and fixed with high alumina ceramic nail. This way is simple and safe.

Next Wednesday we will analyze the all ceramic fiber car bottom furnace’s steel structure and furnace door, Hope see you next Wednesday.

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