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CCEWOOL News--The rise of China’s national brand

Apr. 25, 2016

In Siberia, South America rain forests, and some remote areas in Africa, Huawei helps people receive communication signals; In the global furnace manufacturing industry, CCEWOOL provides comprehensive energy-saving insulation solutions and ceramic fiber products and related products for the global program of the furnace customers.

For 15 years,DOUBLE EGRET has been focusing on research of furnace insulation energy saving solution, adhering to brand line, and launched products of CCEWOOL CLASSIC SERIES, PUREWOOL SERIES and RESEARCH SERIES.

Double egret is now the only company which got CE certificate in refractory industry, meanwhile, CCEWOOL becomes the only brand owning BV&TUV certificate.

High quality and products and completed customer-service system win the attention of furnace manufacturer in the world. Attending international fair makes more customer know about CCEWOOL and become the agents of CCEWOOL. In order to expand the abroad market, our company establishes overseas warehouse in America, Canada and Australia, besides, branch office is set up in Canada in 2016, with the building of refractory material research institute in America.

Only the brand is prosperous, the nation can thrive. Double egret company walks along with Chinese brand support policy to become a rising national brand.

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