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CCEWOOL View - The application of ceramic fiber in furnace (1)

Jul. 20, 2016

This year, the very rapid development of ceramic industry has been cast to affect all areas of social life. Ceramic fiber products mostly have good insulating properties, it is a good refractory material. Ceramic fiber as a lining material can greatly reduce energy consumption. Ceramic fiber applications and road construction has same trend. Here share the ceramic fiber construction application in the furnace.

Ceramic fibers have many advantages including: high temperature, low thermal conductivity, light weight and excellent performance. Therefore, its products will be related to many industries, such as in the metallurgical, chemical, oil, electricity, shipbuilding and other sectors. Ceramic fiber makes furnace structure lighter and consume less energy. Due to rising global energy prices, and ceramic fiber can reduce the waste of energy, so there are good prospects for development.

1. Kiln filling and sealing material

Some cracks in the metal parts of furnace, at the same time thermal expansion and the voids of rotation of the roller kiln, the kiln cars and joints, ceiling joints, they all need ceramic fiber as the sealing material.

Next week, we continue to explore the ceramic fiber in the furnace constructed.

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