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CCEWOOL Ceramic fiber blanket of Turkey customer is delivered

Jun. 28, 2016

CCEWOOL old friend--Turkey customer continuously places order to us. This order purchases 1260STD ceramic fiber blanket, size is 7200x610x25mm(double side needled), 96kg/m3; 18000x610x10mm, 128kg/m3; 1400ZA ceramic fiber blanket, size is 7200x610x25mm(double size needled), 128kg/m3; 3600x610x50mm, 128kg/m3.

Quality wins the market, service warms heart. After customer’s payment, our company staff immediately places orders to production workshop according to the standard process, also explains quality requirement and delivery time. In the process of production, company staff checks the production site for many times and takes photos in details, sending photos to customer. The attentive service wins customer’s high praise. Under the joint efforts of everyone, this order is completed on time under requirement of high quality and high standard.

June 21th, 2016, the container full of CCEWOOL high quality ceramic fiber blanket is delivered on time. This shipment is estimated to arrive on July 21th , please prepare for collecting the cargo.

15 years, CCEWOOL as refractory product provider gradually transits to industrial furnace insulation and energy-saving solutions provider, wining favor from global customers. Double Egret people never forget the beginner's mind: make CCEWOOL as influential Chinese national brand, maintaining CCEWOOL first brand image of industrial furnace thermal insulation and energy-saving solutions.

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