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Wet masonry process of mullite insulation fire brick

Sep. 14, 2020

Wet masonry process of mullite insulation fire brick

     1. Process procedure

     Mix masonry slurry → process inspection → sawing and processing mullite insulation brick → masonry.

     2. Mixing masonry mud

     (1) If the masonry mud is consisted of finished refractory mud or combined clay mud, mechanical stirring should be used as much as possible, and the stirring time should not be less than 5 minutes. The mud consistency is controlled by the amount of water added.

     (2) If mechanical stirring is not available, the soaking method should be adopted, that is, the raw materials used to mix the masonry mud are flooded with water, and the soaking time shall not be less than 24h. After soaking, the excess water is decanted. And the mud is mixed.

     3. Process inspection

     (1) Before building with mullite insulation bricks, check whether the contact surface between mullite insulation bricks and the kiln shell meets the requirements.

     (2) When building heavy furnace walls, check whether the quality of the previous refractory masonry meets the requirements and whether the accessories are installed correctly.

     4. Sawing processing

     (1) Bricks used for the staggered joints of heat-insulating masonry or other processed bricks should be sawed with a hand saw or a hacksaw, and cannot be cut with a brick knife.

     (2) When mullite insulation fire bricks need to be processed in batches, it is advisable to use a model brick for quality control, and use saw blades or steel needles to mark directly.

     (3) In order to improve the processing accuracy, the contact point between the mullite insulation brick and the special-shaped steel parts should be determined by the embossing method.

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