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Typical application of CCEWOOL high temperature ceramic board

Nov. 02, 2020

     CCEWOOL high temperature ceramic board is processed by wet vacuum forming process. The strength of this type of product is higher than that of ceramic fiber blanket and vacuum forming felt. It is suitable for high temperature fields where requires rigid strength requirements of products.

Typical application of CCEWOOL high temperature ceramic board

     Product characteristics:

     High compressive strength, long service life; low heat capacity, low thermal conductivity; non-brittle material, good toughness; accurate size, good flatness; easy to cut and install, convenient for construction; excellent wind erosion resistance; continuous production, uniform fiber distribution , Stable performance; excellent sound absorption and noise reduction performance.

     Application of high temperature ceramic board:

     Iron and steel industry: expansion joints and furnace lining insulating, sheets and molds insulation; non-ferrous metal industry: insulation of tundish and launder cover which used for pouring copper and copper-containing alloys; ceramic industry: the hot face lining of lightweight kiln car structure and furnace, the temperature zone separation of the kiln and the fire-stop material; the glass industry: lining insulation of the molten pool, the burner block; the kiln building: the hot surface refractory material (replacement of ceramic fiber blanket), heavy refractory material Lining, expansion joints; light industry: combustion chamber lining of industrial and domestic boiler ; petrochemical industry: hot face material of high temperature heating furnace lining.

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