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Production process of refractory ceramic fibers

May. 17, 2021

     There are two basic production methods for refractory ceramic fibers; one is the spinning method (centrifugal method) and the other is the blowing method. The process is raw material-raw material cleaning and selecting-crushing-melting-wool making-wool collection chamber. The following is a detailed introduction to the blowing method used.

Production process of refractory ceramic fibers

     (2) Cleaning, selecting and crushing; In order to improve the purity of the raw materials, the raw materials are cleaned and selected to remove other substances of low melting point, and the regenerated ash is removed by washing with water. Finally, the raw materials are crushed into fine materials of uniform particle size to accelerate melt. In order to continuously obtain a uniform flow of charred gemstones and molten liquid, appropriate additives can be added to the raw materials to adjust the viscosity of the molten liquid, reduce the surface tension, and make the viscosity of molten liquid appropriate.This can make the fiber soft and slender. But adding additives will affect refractory ceramic fibers' refractoriness. So it should not be added too much.

     (3) Melting: Whether the raw material melt can flow out of the electric arc furnace continuously and uniformly directly affects the quality of the refractory ceramic fibers. As the viscosity of the raw material melt increases, the surface tension of the melt will inevitably increase, resulting in an increase in the number of slag balls and affecting the quality of the refractory ceramic fibers. Therefore, the electric arc furnace must maintain sufficient power to obtain the required melting temperature.

     Next issue we will continue to introduce the basic production methods of refractory ceramic fibers, so stay tuned!

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