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Study on performance differences between rock wool and slag wool (2)

Jul. 07, 2016

Basalt rock wool and slag wool are collectively referred to mineral wool, there are still some differences can’t be ignored. The main cause of these differences is the different raw material.

2. The difference between rock wool board and slag wool board’ water resistance.

CCEWOOL basalt rock wool’s crystalline region is CS-C2AS-C2S ( Wollastonite - aluminum melilite - Calcium feldspar ), shall not have the hydraulic characteristics, changes a little after meeting the water. So CCEWOOL rock wool has better water resistance. Slag wool’s crystalline region is CS-C2AS-CAS2 ( Wollastonite - aluminum melilite - czs ), will react with water during the production process, making the slag wool’ stability will become worse in wet environments.

CCEWOOL basalt rock wool’s PH is lower 4, belong to the water resistance particularly stable mineral fiber.

3. The difference between rock wool board and slag wool board’ heat resistance.

Slag wool’s heat preservation performance is good, When its working temperature is over 675 ℃ then cooling gradually and the cooling process is slow, make internal structure transformation, density varied from 3.28 to 2.97, up around 10% volume expansion, make the slag wool board produces pulverization and dissolution, and basalt rock wool board do not has the transformation process, the using temperature is above 800 ℃, the softening temperature of 900 ~ 1000 ℃.

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