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Requirements of installing ceramic fiber board for heating furnace

May. 20, 2016

Requirements of installing the ceramic fiber board for heating furnace lining :

1. Staggering assemble the CCEWOOL ceramic fiber board, space between joints and joints should be no less than 100mm, while the joints between the layers should be staggered to avoid the smoke sneaking into the furnace wall.

2. CCEWOOL ceramic fiber board need to be tightly bonded, the gap is not greater than 3mm, when there is a gap between the ceramic fiber board and heating furnace wall, using CCEWOOL ceramic wool to fill it up.

3. Using a wooden hammer or rubber hammer to beat when installing.

4. If the size of CCEWOOL ceramic fiber board is not suitable, you must use the saw to cut the ceramic fiber board to ensure the accurate size. In the position of the anchor nali, use the electric pistol drill to get the hole, then filing the gap with the coating.

5. Be safe and avoid damage and broken.

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