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Refractory brick used for cement kiln

Jul. 01, 2016

The common refractory brick used for cement kiln:

Mo silicon bricks: good thermal shock resistance and abrasive resistance, high strength, suit for transition zone.

Dolomite bricks: good erosion resistance, but there are few f-CaO, easy to be hydrated, difficult to transport and store, rarely used.

Magnesite-chrome brick: most used for burning zone, but poor thermal shock resistance, and the Cr6+ is hypertoxic. The international usage is reducing.

Spinel bricks: most used for transition zone, good thermal shock resistance and reducing resistance, but poorer refractoriness.

CCEWOOL high alumina bricks: the Al2O3 content is above 75%, higher refractoriness than clay brick, good acid and alkali corrosive resistant performance, suit for burning zone, loner service brick but higher price.

Phosphate bricks: low refractoriness, but better strength and high temperature shock resistance, most used for grate cooler and kiln hood.

Silicon carbide brick: high temperature resistance ( 1800C, refractoriness under load is 1620-1640), small coefficient of thermal expansion, good abrasive resistance and fast heating&cooling, suit for cooling zone and kiln mouth.

Anti - spalling bricks: bit ZrO in the bricks, better alkali resistance, anti-stripping and slag resistance.

CCEWOOL® CCEFIRE series high alumina brick is a kind of neutral refractory material, whose AL2O3 content is usually above 48%. It is made by burning bauxite or other material that with high AL2O3 content. Its refractoriness is usually above 1770 ℃. Enjoying excellent thermal shock resistant and slag resistance, it is used for building electric furnace in steel industry, glass melting furnace, and cement rotary furnace.

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