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Production requirements for refractory ceramic fibre paper

Nov. 19, 2018

 Refractory ceramic fiber paper needs to comply with certain standards in production, such as its required size, thickness, or material, which is advantageous for the later use of the product.

1. Thickness: We should select the paper according to equipment. Minimum thickness of refractory ceramic fibre paper is 0.5mm. We also have refractory ceramic fibre paper with thickness 6mm. The paper can be used as sealing material and can also be used as a large-area heat insulating material.

2. Material: The alumina content in the raw material for the production of refractory ceramic fiber paper must be above 45%.

3. Temperature resistance: As a heat-insulating material for high-temperature equipment, the maximum working temperature and temperature resistance of paper must meet the requirements and cannot affect the normal use of the equipment.

In the production requirements of refractory ceramic fibre paper, we can simply understand from the above three points. After mastering the above requirements, we believe that there should be a lot of improvement in production quality.

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