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Construction of insulation ceramic blanket in pipeline insulation

Sep. 10, 2018

 There are many kinds of thermal insulation materials used in the insulation project of industrial high-temperature equipment and pipeline, and the construction method vary from material to material. If the details are not taken seriously in the insulation project construction, not only the materials may be wasted, the construction work may be overturned, and even the equipment and pipelines will be damaged. However, the right construction method can often do more with less.

Construction steps of insulation ceramic blanket in pipeline insulation

1. Clean old insulation materials and other debris on pipe surface

2. Cut the insulation ceramic blanket according to pipe diameter.(Do not tear with hand, use ruler and cutlery.)

3. Wrap the blanket tightly around the pipe. Attention, joint seam ≤ 5mm.After wrapping, surface should be kept flat.

4. Bundle up the blanket with galvanized iron wire (bundling pitch ≤200mm). The wire should not be bundled spirally, continuously around the pipe. The twisted joint of wire should not be too long, and the twisted joint of wire should be inserted into the blanket.

5. In order to meet required insulation thickness we may do several layers of insulation work. In multilayer insulation work the seam of blanket must be staggered and filled to ensure the flatness.

The metal protective layer should be selected according to the actual situation. Generally glass wire cloth, glass steel, galvanized iron sheet, linoleum, aluminum sheet etc are used. It is required that after wrapping the ceramic fiber blanket is wrapped tight and there is no gap and seam.

During construction, workers should not step on or crush the insulation ceramic blanket. And workers should try to prevent insulation ceramic blanket from being wet by water.

This issue we mainly introduced construction of insulation ceramic blanket in pipeline insulation。 Hope this can bring help to furnace builders.

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