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Ceramic fiber insulation material for hot blast stove

Jun. 11, 2018

The hot blast stove is one of the important auxiliary equipments for the blast furnace. The total requirement for the hot blast stove is: to achieve high blast temperature and long service life, so the insulation work of the hot blast stove has drawn attention, and the selection of the ceramic fiber insulation material for the hot blast stove becomes a subject that needs to be studied.

In the use of fire-resistant insulation materials in industrial kilns, in addition to traditional shaped fire-resistant insulation materials, ceramic fiber insulation has gradually become a new type and widely used insulation material in industrial production.

Ceramic fiber insulation is a kind of fibrous lightweight refractory material with the advantages of light weight, high temperature resistance, low thermal conductivity, and small thermal capacity etc. With the improvement of the technical process and increasingly perfect, the use temperature range of ceramic fiber insulation has been raised from under 1200°C to 1200-1600°C. Become more effective high-temperature furnace engineering energy-saving materials.

The characteristics of ceramic fiber insulation.

1. High temperature resistance

2. Low thermal conductivity. Low density.

The thermal conductivity in the high temperature zone is very low. At 100°C, the thermal conductivity of the refractory fiber is only 1/10 to 1/5 of the refractory brick, which is 1/20~1/10 of that of the ordinary clay brick. Due to the small bulk density, the weight and construction thickness of the kiln can be greatly reduced.

3. Good chemical stability.

Almost no chemical erosion except strong alkali, fluorine, and phosphate.

4. Good thermal shock resistance.

Thermal shock resistance of ceramic fiber insulation products is superior to refractory bricks.

5. Low heat capacity.

Save fuel, keep furnace temperature, and heat up quickly.

6. Good plasticity, easy for construction.

Use ceramic fiber insulation products to build furnace brings good furnace performance. It is convenient for construction and will reduce labor force.

Which kind of refractory fiber is selected depends on the working temperature of the ceramic fiber insulation material. In order to ensure the best insulation effect, professional construction technology is also a key factor.

In order to achieve the continuous high air temperature and longevity of the hot blast stove, it directly affects the cost and steel production. Moreover, the current energy conservation and environmental protection issues must also be taken into consideration in production operations. Therefore, the choice of suitable ceramic fiber insulation becomes important because of the importance of hot blast stoves.

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