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1260 ceramic fiber blanket for metallurgy, iron and steel industry smelting furnace

Jun. 08, 2018

The 1260 ceramic fiber blankets used in metallurgy and iron and steel industry smelting furnaces are made of ceramic fiber bulk produced by spinning or jetting fiber forming process and processed by vacuum forming process. It is a lightweight, flexible flame-retardant fiber insulation material made from a combination of high-purity fire-resistant oxides and organic binders. The 1260 ceramic fiber blanket is a versatile product, except to its excellent properties of bulk ceramic fiber bulk, and it has good strength and elasticity.

Products features:

1260 ceramic fiber blankets for smelting furnaces in metallurgy and iron and steel industries have high compressive strength and long service life. Low heat capacity, low thermal conductivity; non-brittle material, good toughness; precise size, good flatness; easy to cut and install, convenient construction; excellent wind erosion resistance; continuous production, uniform fiber distribution, stable performance, excellent sound absorption and noise reduction performance.

Typical application:

Typical application of 1260 ceramic fiber blanket: Metallurgy, iron and steel industry smelting furnace. Expansion Joints, Backing Insulation, Heat Insulation Sheets, and Mold Insulation. Non-ferrous metals industry: tundish and runner cover; For pouring copper and copper alloys; High temperature gasket;

Ceramic industry: Lightweight kiln car structure and furnace hot lining. Glass industry: The bath is insulated and the burner block; Kiln construction:Heavy refractories backing, expansion joints. Light industry:Industrial and domestic boiler combustion chamber lining. Petrochemical industry:High-temperature furnace lining hot surface material; sound absorption and noise reduction

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