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CCEWOOL views: How to save energy for furnace?

Apr. 21, 2016

Last week we introduce measures to save energy for furnace from furnace design. This week we introduce some operation measures to improve the furnace energy saving effect.

1. Under the premise of quality assurance,shorten the baking time.

2. Control the air-fuel ratio. The so-called air-fuel ratio is the ratio of air and gas, air-fuel ratio is appropriate, the combustion will be sufficient, thermal efficiency is higher.

3. Reasonable furnace loading density. It can ensure the flames and hot air flow transfer between products, keep the radiation channel, narrow product temperature difference between inside and outside, So as to shorten the heating and heat preservation time.

4. To develop a reasonable firing system.

5. By changing the lightweight refractory material (insulation brick, ceramic fiber) refractory material’ weight will reduce 40% , heat preservation and heat insulation effect is increased by more than 20%, can save 5% of gas consumption.

CCEWOOL ceramic fiber -- industry leader in furnace insulation energy saving solutions, for the past 15 years, are always focusing on research& development of furnace energy-saving products--ceramic fiber.

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