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CCEWOOL as calcium silicate board supplier briefly discuss its construction methods

Jan. 22, 2018

Calcium silicate board is made from diatomaceous earth and lime and join enhance inorganic fiber, under high temperature and high pressure water fluid made of new type thermal insulation material, it has the advantages of light weight, good thermal insulation performance, easy for construction, particularly suitable for insulation of building materials, metallurgy and other high temperature heat insulation equipment. CCEWOOL, as calcium silicate board supplier, now introduces the on-site construction method:

1 Construction request

(1) Calcium silicate plates are easy to damp and should be stored in ventilated and dry warehouses or workshops. The calcium silicate plates delivered to the construction site must be used on the same day and provided with rain cloth.

(2)The construction surfaces should be cleaned, rust and dust removed.

(3)Special remind from CCEWOOL as calcium silicate board supplier: the cutting and processing of calcium silicate plate should use wooden saw or iron saw. Tools such as cleaver, single blade hammer should not be used.

(4) If adiabatic and insulation layer is thick, need the overlap of several layers of board, the plate joint must be staggered. Do not leave through seam.

(5) Calcium silicate board must use high temperature binder for masonry. Before construction, calcium silicate board must be processed precisely. Then used a bristle brush to brush adhesive evenly on pavement surface,press and squeeze adhesive out and smooth it out. Leaves no gap.

(6) The vertical cylinder and other surfaces. Work shoudl start from lower end of the curved surface. Then work from lower end to the top.

2 The preparation of adhesive.

The adhesive consists of sintered silicate powder and water glass by 1:2 weight ratio, and its consistency should be adjusted according to the situation.

3 The paving of calcium silicate board.

(1) When calcium silicate board needs to be built by on the shell, the calcium silicate board should processed into the required shape first. Then apply a layer of mortar on calcium silicate board. After laying the calcium silicate board, squash it with the hand tight so that the calcium silicate board and shell will contact tightly. When work finished the calcium silicate board should not be moved.

(2) When the calcium silicate board has insulation bricks or other materials, the construction should avoid damage caused by tapping or extrusion.

(3) If castable is to be built on the calcium silicate board, the surface of the calcium silicate board should be coated with a layer of non-absorbent waterproof layer.

Above is a brief discussion of construction methods by CCEWOOL as calcium silicate board supplier. Hope this can bring help to furnace builders and workers.

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