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CCEWOOL Refractory material used in electrolytic aluminium tank

Oct. 21, 2016

According to different cell structure to provide the appropriate energy-saving solutions by using CCEWOOL Refractory material used in electrolytic aluminium tank. Now the world's basic structure of the aluminum cell liner can be divided into "overall tamping type", "semi-whole tamping type" and "masonry" three categories.

1) The whole tamping type: lined with all the carbon body using plastic carbon paste on-site tamping, the lower part is alumina used as insulation and refractory, or CCEWOOL Refractory material used in electrolytic aluminium tank:SK34 refractory bricks and DJM24 Insulation brick.

2) Semi-monolithic tamping type: the bottom of all the carbon blocks for the cathode carbon masonry, plastic carbon paste on the side is made with the tamping and the lower part of insulation and refractory material is similar with the overall type of tamping.

3) Masonry type: the bottom masonry with carbon block masonry, side masonry with the carbon block or silicon carbide and other materials, the lower part masonry with the refractory bricks and insulation bricks and other refractory, insulation and impervious material.

The following figure, the structure of a large-scale pre-baked aluminum electrolytic cell lining as an example:

1–layered 65mm calcium silicate board on the bottom first (or layer of 10mm thick asbestos board, and then calcium silicate insulation board)

2- layer 65mm insulation brick in the insulation board, in order to protect the insulation board and masonry the insulation brick, layered 5mm thick refractory powder in the insulation board is necessary.

3- laying 130-195mm thickness of the impervious material (the specific thickness is according to amount of insulation brick)

4- Install the assembled cathode rods on the impervious material (or refractory bricks), usually cathode carbon block

5- Cathode carbon blocks have a 35mm gap; tie with the special paste compaction.

CCEWOOL as Global furnace ceramic fiber insulation and energy saving solution industry leader can provide the following refractory material used in electrolytic aluminium tank: calcium silicate board, high alumina brick, clay brick, ceramic fiber board, and strip ceramic fiber blanket. These products have also been highly recognized by aluminum industry specialists at the 2016 34th ICSOBA Conference and Exhibition, which were just concluded on October 6th. Next week we will introduce electrolytic aluminum tank liner structure and characteristics, so stay tuned!

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