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CCEWOOL News: Energy saving methods for shuttle kiln

Jun. 22, 2016

 In the situation of the global energy shortage, the energy-saving task of ceramic enterprises becomes more and more urgent. The fuel consumption of the current building and sanitary ceramics industry is about 30% to 40% of the total production costs. How to reduce energy consumption of shuttle kiln in production to improve the competitiveness of products on the market is becoming a pressing problem. Intermittent shuttle kiln, due to its simple structure, low construction costs, the kiln temperature is small and energy-saving and high efficiency are becoming the first choice and widely applied for small and medium sized ceramic furnace enterprises domestic and international.

Now let us talk about several methods of shuttle kiln energy saving measures refer to several aspects of the structure of shuttle kiln , firing and loading operation .

1.Choose a good furnace structure

Whether the structure of ceramic firing kiln is reasonable related to not only fuel consumption but also the quality of the products.A shuttle kiln with reasonable internal structure can extend the life of the furnace at the condition of smooth air circulation and proper kiln pressure. Secondly, reasonable size of kiln structure is also very important. The length and width of the kiln can be increased and height can be lowed without affecting the firing product variety and product specifications. This can not only reduce the kiln temperature difference but also shorten the baking time in order to save fuel.

2.Choose the appropriate fire-resistant insulation materials

With the development of technology, more and more new fire-resistant insulation material are popular in the market. Ceramic fiber product and insulation bricks can reduce fuel consumption by10%-15% and saves cost of enterprises.

As Asia's second largest manufacturer of ceramic fiber products, DOUBLE EGRET is focusing on research of energy saving solutions in high temperature furnace application and providing full range of refractory&insulation products used in furnaces. Our products include CCEWOOL ceramic fiber blankets, CCEWOOL ceramic fiber board and CCEWOOL ceramic fiber module etc.

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