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Application of Mullite Insulating Brick in Glass Furnace 3

Dec. 30, 2016

 Last week we talked about the application of CCEWOOL mullite brick in glass furnace Upcast and stone arch, gas regenerator, grate arch and bottom hole and grid operation. Here we will talk about application of mullite brick in other parts of glass melting furnace.

8. the checker under the special conditions

The latest NOX emission standards have prompted more and more glass manufacturers to improve their production processes and to operate with reducing atmospheres to reduce NOX content, which can lead to an increase in alkali vapor (NaOH) concentration in the flue gas, which exacerbates checker erosion. The re-sintered mullite insulating brick has good anti-alkali vapor erosion ability and can be used as checker in this condition.

9. special glass furnace configuration use

9.1 Water glass melting furnace

The main components of the water glass batch are soda ash and silica sand, The weight percentage of flux as soda ash varies according to the water glass modulus, which is about 25-45%. Compared with other glass products, water glass batch with a lower melting temperature and flue gas in a higher concentration of alkali vapor, silica brick and high alumina brick are the most popular material used in water glass furnace flame space in current domestic market. Although the brick and high alumina bricks have certain advantages in price, the ordinary water glass furnace has short operational lifespan and high-energy consumption. Comprehensive analysis, the use of sintered mullite brick in water glass furnace has good economic conditions.

9.2 Oxygen glass melting furnace

Oxy fuel glass furnace is combustion with oxygen instead of traditional combustion of air combustion, reducing the large amount of N2 and reducing the amount of flue gas to facilitate energy saving; but at the same time, the alkaline vapor concentration and water vapor concentration in the flue gas also greatly improved, Fused zirconia corundum brick and fused brick alpha beta have replaced the traditional brick arch design. Due to the high cost and difficulty of Capacitor transfer, there are calcium-free silicon bricks produced by RHI and magnesia-alumina spinel bricks produced by DSF. The mullite insulating bricks produced by CCEWOOL have been used successfully used in glass kilns for many years. Perhaps sintered mullite bricks can also be popularized in other full oxygen furnace.

The above is about application of CCEWOOL Mullite Insulating Brick in Glass Furnace, hoping it will bring some help to kiln construction workers.

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