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Application and Masonry of High Temperature Firebrick in Shaft Furnace

Nov. 09, 2016

Shaft furnace refers to the upright furnace, the furnace lid with a shaft, and the use of high-temperature exhaust gas from the furnace discharge in the vertical shaft of the ultra-high-power electric furnace preheating scrap. Blast furnaces, copper, zinc and lead smelting furnace, chemical cupola are the frequently used furnaces. Outer layer of the furnace body is steel, built lining.

High temperature fire brick wall are including the combustion chamber and furnace body two parts. The combustion chamber of the shaft furnace is disposed on both sides in the longitudinal direction of the shaft. The inner layer of the combustion chamber is usually made of refractory bricks, and the outer layer is made of diatomite refractory bricks with good thermal insulation properties. The mixture of brick and wall is filled with fly ash (a mixture of asbestos and cement). At present the shaft furnace combustion chamber has rectangular and circular two types. Circular combustion chamber is not only uniform force, but also does not exist the level of the thrust foot, and easy to seal, long life. After use, the effect is very good.

The upper part of the furnace body brick is clay brick, the lower part is the high alumina refractory brick, and the middle part of the flame-spraying road adopts clay shaped refractory brick. Furnace upper part of the furnace mouth brick wall, because of the thermal shock (acute hot and cold), and the long side of the furnace wall to the bulge of the situation (commonly known as drum belly), Can be solved by pouring 600~800mm high silicate refractory concrete in the furnace mouth. In the lower part of the shaft near the cold wind, larger size bricks (345mm * 150mm * 75mm) or other wear-resistant special high temperature fire brickk masonry (such as silicon carbide or fused mullite brick) should be used, against the cooling wind and the erosion of the pellet Wear, extend the service life.

High-strength phosphate slurry (7m slurry) must be used in the middle of the furnace body (furnace) and the high-temperature area around the fire-extinguishing channel. The rest are ordinary refractory mud.

The shaft furnace can be made by size in 230mm * 114mm * 65mm CCEWOOL high temperature fire brick, the gap is small, stability brick wall, and will not cause furnace wall loose and leaks. If the furnace wall has air leakage, pressure-grouting method can be used. In this method, a steel pipe was welded to the furnace shell at the air leakage, using the refractory mud (raw material: clinker = 7: 3 or 70% slurry) sprayed into the furnace between Shell and masonry by a pump or compressed air (pressure of 0.4 to 0.6 MPa). After filled out, taking off the steel pipe, welding furnace skin, you can solve the problem of high temperature fire brick masonry air leakage.

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