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Analysis of factors that affect the performance of insulation ceramic fiber products

Feb. 26, 2018

Insulation ceramic fiber products has advantages of high temperature resistance, low density, good thermal insulation performance, good chemical stability, good thermal shock resistance, good wind erosion resistance, quick construction etc. It is the most promising energy-saving and environmental friendly thermal insulation material in the world.

But insulation ceramic fiber products has disadvantages. Poor stability, poor resistance to erosion, poor air flow scouring resistance, poor peeling resistance. When being exposed to high temperature for long time, due to the crystallization of glass fiber and grain growth, high temperature creep and other factors, causing the change of the fiber structure-----shrinkage deformation, the fiber lose elasticity, brittle fracture, the decrease of strength of fiber, densifying, until lose fibrous structure. And because of the furnace gas erosion and air flow scouring etc, cause the fiber easy to pulverize and fall off.

Insulation ceramic fiber products are used in different conditions, and their long-term use temperature is different. Such as industrial furnace operating system (continuous or intermittent kiln), fuel type, atmosphere of furnace and other technological conditions, are the factors that affect the use temperature and service life of ceramic fiber products.

At present, there is no ideal method to determine the heat resistance index of insulation ceramic fiber products. In general, insulation ceramic fiber products are heated to a certain temperature, and the heat resistance of ceramic fiber products is evaluated according to permanent linear change on heating and crystallization degree.

Above is the introduction of analysis of factors that affect the performance of insulation ceramic fiber products. Hope this can bring help to furnace builders and workers.

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