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Characteristics of refractory ceramic fiber bulk

Oct. 19, 2020

Characteristics of refractory ceramic fiber bulk

     Characteristics of spun refractory ceramic fiber bulk

     Spun ceramic fiber has longer length, low shot content, low impurities. The spun ceramic fiber bulk without processing is filling material for the wall lining gap of the heating device of a high-temperature kiln, and has excellent spinnability. It is a raw material for textiles. 

     Characteristics of blown refractory ceramic fiber bulk

     Lubricant-free, untreated, low shot content, the fiber produced by the blown process is an excellent filling material for high-temperature furnace, excellent raw material for producing vacuum forming products, fiber spraying and fiber paper.


     Refractory ceramic fiber bulk can be made into the following materials: raw material of fiber paper and vacuum forming product, raw material of fiber spray coating, raw material of fiber castables, raw material of spreading materials, filling materials of high-temperature furnace heating device wall lining gap, raw material of ceramic fiber textiles.

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