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ceramic fiber wool for heating furnace

Sep. 11, 2019

 Last issue we introduced ceramic fiber wool insulation module for heating furnace. This issue we will continue to introduce ceramic fiber wool for heating furnace.

(8) When the fuel sulfur content is higher than 1Om1/m3, the inner surface of the furnace wall should be coated with a protective coating to avoid corrosion. The temperature level of the protective coating should be 180 °C.

When the sulfur content of the fuel exceeds 500ml/m3, a 304 stainless steel foil gas barrier layer shall be provided. The gas barrier layer should be at least 55% above the calculated acid dew point temperature under various operating conditions. The edge of the gas barrier layer should be overlapped, and the edge and the puncture site should be sealed.

(9)The convection section is provided with a soot blower, a steam spray gun or a convection section with a water washing facility, and the ceramic fiber wool structure cannot be used.

(10)The anchor should be installed before the protective coating is applied to the siding. The protective coating should cover the anchor and the temperature of the uncovered portion should be above the acid dew point temperature.

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